We get to know our students as individuals. PreK through Grade 12.

We embrace and encourage the qualities that determine success

which include the ability to think independently, collaborate effectively, listen, give and receive feedback, adapt to change and explore a wide range of information and knowledge. All of this important work takes a steadfast commitment to social and emotional learning. Without directly cultivating these skills, students will not be able to fully participate in an active learning environment that requires interaction, discussion and feedback. By building knowledge and facilitating collaboration and self-reflection, PreK through Grade 12, our program lays the groundwork for academic excellence and joyful learning.

Families who inquired or applied online between the dates of March 12th and April 3rd should contact the admissions office directly at 845.462.7600 x201, as a technical error may have resulted in incomplete submissions.

Play is encouraged.

At Poughkeepsie Day School, we build knowledge, collaboration and self-reflection, providing different pathways into a vibrant learning experience, PreK through Grade 12.