Community Partnerships

Meaningful relationships that enrich learning in a way that is mutually beneficial.

Having a bond with the local community has invariably enhanced the Poughkeepsie Day School experience throughout our 90-year history. It guarantees ample opportunity for students to engage in tangible, experiential learning and genuine, purposeful service. Now, this opportunity lives right on our campus, which we share with Star 2B Performing Arts, Edge Athletics, and Kerry’s Dance Academy. With these organizations just steps away, a typical student’s week can include extracurricular activities like theatrical productions, professional dance classes, or high-level basketball coaching in addition to their powerful Poughkeepsie Day School education. We also have a pedagogic relationship with the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) that sees our students cooking meals with CIA professors and students, as well as receiving lessons on different food systems and processes through the lens of sustainability and social justice. For more information about any of our partner organizations, click below.