After School & Enrichment News

September 2016

At PDS, the After School program is bubbling with activity. Here’s a look at what the “After” kids have been up to this month.

Mancala is a wonderful game. It’s an African board game based on “counting and capturing” and it is a draw for all the After School kids. It offers tactile delight for Pre-K students and subtle math strategies for the 3rd and 4th grade students. The shiny red beads glisten and plop into shallow wood basins!  Pick up the right amount of beads and land in your basin. You get to go again.

Mancala is a great game!

Mancala is a great game! Who can resist?

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Mother May I? 

Take four giant elephant steps, or 27 lady bug steps, a kangaroo leap, five ballerina pirouettes or six zombie zig-zags, but don’t forget to ask “Mother, may I?”


Smooth Delights 

September afternoons are still quite warm and what better way to refresh and reboot than with a sweet, nutritious, cool and delicious SMOOTHIE!


Smoothie making, tasting and drinking

Smoothie making, tasting and drinking


In the Dance studio the After kids have been playing musical statues, experimenting with different styles of walking, and participating in Silly Walks Competitions. SERIOUSLY!


BLOCK TOWERS were made to be broken! Blocks are a source of creativity, collaboration and engineering strategies for many of the children in After. The students design and construct, build, demolish and start over.


Will these prisoners break free?

We’ll be back soon with more news from the After School program. Students can look forward to Fall Enrichment courses starting in October.

Music outdoors

Stay tuned!