Poetry Inspires a “Legion of Emotions”

During National Poetry month, the Academy of American Poets sponsored a program for students to write a letter to a poet, called Dear Poet. Our middle school students participated, using advisory and English class time to write their letters.

One of our sixth graders, Ibrahim, has had his letter published on the site. He wrote to the poet Juan Felipe Herrara, about his poem “Jackrabbits, Green Onions and Witches Stew.”

In his letter, Ibrahim compliments the poet, noting that, “This poem makes me feel a legion of emotions. These emotions include happiness, confusion, and laughter.” Ibrahim also asks Herrara what the poem is actually about, and courteously ends his letter making sure the poet understands the correct pronunciation of Ibrahim.

The Academy of American Poets site is fun. In addition to the recent letters from students from all over the country, the site has a service you can sign up for to receive a poem a day in your inbox.