PA Awards Faculty Grant to the Campus Upcycling and Recycling Project

Campus Upcycling and Recycling Project collageThe PDSPA is happy to announce the award of the first Faculty Grant in Honor of Josie Holford.  The grant goes to Li Pipman Denault for her proposed Campus Upcycling and Recycling Project. Li’s innovative project will encourage students to problem-solve as they design and build recycling receptacles made from upcycled goods and as they beautify the Kenyon loading dock area with artistic installations made from recycled materials. These artistic creations will enhance the high school’s Kenyon House.

This collage from Li represents the work students have done so far on the recycling mural for the entrance to Kenyon: it shows some preliminary planning and design and actual cutting and framework for the installation.

The PDSPA would also like to thank everyone who submitted proposals to the Faculty Grant Program, and invites applications for its next cycle, due May 1, 2016.  The Grant Program aims to provide financial support to faculty who wish to bring creative and innovative programs to the classroom. In particular, we encourage programs that will have a maximal and lasting impact in the classroom and will nourish and enrich the educational experience and well-being of every child. Please direct any queries to Alicia Tether, Administrator, PDSPA Faculty Grant Program in Honor of Josie Holford.