Orton-Gillingham Language Training

Orton-Gillingham Language Training

Poughkeepsie Day School offers comprehensive, research-based Orton-Gillingham tutoring for students with language-based learning disabilities in grades 2-12 to be provided by accredited teachers from The Kildonan Teacher Training Institute (KTTI). KTTI is continuing the mission of the Kildonan School as the area’s leading institution in addressing the needs of students with language based learning disabilities, such as dyslexia.

Kildonan at PDS: How it Works

The Orton-Gillingham Language Training tutorial uses a multi-sensory, structured teaching approach to fully meet the needs of learners with a language-based learning disability. Each student in the program will receive daily one-to-one language skills tutoring from accredited KTTI teachers using this highly successful research-based approach. Material taught during the tutorial will be reinforced and supported in the PDS classroom. This allows the students to experience both the rich curriculum of PDS and focus on their language needs. Our hope is that this will also free up time after school, so students can focus on their other passions and interests. The process of admittance into this specialized program begins with an initial student assessment, a scheduled family conference and, if recommended, a Kildonan-PDS team meeting. The Orton-Gillingham Language Training tutorial will take place every day at a time that will be established to balance the needs of the students, their classroom schedule and the availability of tutors. Full progress assessments happen each semester. The cost of the program is $11,000, in addition to the PDS tuition. While families are encouraged to apply to our flexible tuition program for PDS tuition, there is currently no aid available for the program.

The ‘Why” of the Kildonan Connection

The Kildonan School specialized in teaching students for 50 years using the Orton-Gillingham approach and through the Kildonan Teacher Training Institute continues to serve that mission. Students with language-based learning disabilities require a specialized, explicit, multi-sensory approach to learning language. Each student is different and depending on grade level, reading and writing level, unique abilities and past learning, needs a responsive, customized approach. By offering this support, Poughkeepsie Day School is providing a comprehensive, research-based solution for learners with a language-based learning disability in the Hudson Valley.

Please contact our admissions office at 845.462.7600 ext 201 if you have questions.