How CAN We Help You?


The sixth grade is in the final two days before the big Food Bowl build on Friday evening (March 3) at the Poughkeepsie Galleria!

Behind the scenes, the students have to practice. What looks like simple stacking has to carefully thought out. Little errors in position amplify and make the structure unstable, so the students have been building and rebuilding to get the engineering right.


They discovered that the masonite is being seriously challenged by the weight of the layers in this year’s design. So, students had to add columns of cans in the interior. No one will see them there, but they make the structure more stable. We are so grateful to Goya for once again sponsoring the project so that the students have enough cans to dream BIG.

Students even practice what to do when not building. The competition rules dictate that only five students can be in the build zone at at time. So, the other students read when waiting for their next turn.


The classroom has been buzzing with activity. Steve Mallet, our facilities manager, has been on call this week to custom cut masonite, as needed. David Held, our director of technology, checks in several times a day to see if the tinkering is holding up. (Today students were able to determine that the batteries on the sign last about 24 hours.)  Stan Lichens, director of operations, was an early consultant on the design and engineering. He is also the sign printer, so we’ll be well labelled next week. The students are very well and enthusiastically supported.