Holford Learning Commons Hops

We have entered that luscious time of the school year when students are performing at a high level and apply all their skills and knowledge to culminating projects. On April 20, 2016, the Holford Learning Commons (HLC) was full of industry and energy. In particular, students were working to prepare for the upcoming Living History Day, for their student-led conferences, and for setting out plants in the courtyard garden. You can also see math and science students in their classes.

As you can see from this mere two minute slice of life, everyone was busy and everyone was focused. As I walked around I had this delightful thought: “If all the adults suddenly vanished, students would continue for quite a while before anyone noticed.” Not that teachers are superfluous by any means; it takes skillful construction of learning environments and learning tasks to achieve this level of self-direction in a group of students. What you see in the video is every grade, reflecting five teachers working with their students in five different subject areas.

Hopping with energy, focused in a purposeful way, learning is active and deliberate.

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