Grade 2 Studies Hudson River

By Lynn Fordin, grade 2 teacher

The second grade classrooms are deep in the swing of things, or rather deep in our studies of the Hudson River.

Each of our two classrooms have begun to consider how the river and its valley was formed.

We shared some beautiful videos that depicted how land formations were and are created and eventually we made our very own ‘glaciers’.  Once these masses of water, rock, sand and leaves were frozen, students pushed and pulled them through the sandbox. This action clearly left a pathway representing the glacial valley. Days later we revisited the frozen mass, which was now just the melted droppings of moraine left over from glacial movement. How much fun it is to learn that this was how Long Island was created!

If you’re in the neighborhood of our rooms, stop in and ask us about our Hudson River 3D models…they have just begun their evolution and will remain a work in progress for the remainder of the year.

Talk about Makers!