The Green Future Capital Projects Campaign is a $250,000 campaign focusing on renewable energy generation and conservation while promoting environmental stewardship in our community.

We’ve already…

solar_iconBroken ground on a 3 acre solar array to generate electricity using clean power. View Solar Array FAQs




Installed high-efficiency LED lights in the gymnasium. This will bring about an annual savings of $5,200.00.


We are looking for your support to fund…


Self-learning and web-enabled climate control systems to modulate and save energy in both buildings. Installation will bring about an annual savings of $18,500.00.

The investment in these new initiatives will be recouped in 5.5 years, or even sooner if we include the solar array. After that, the savings begin!

Not only is embarking on the Green Future campaign the right things to do for our students and the environment, it’s a sound and responsible financial decision.

We’ve already laid the groundwork. Let’s finish what we’ve started.
Over the last six years, our community has invested over a half-million dollar to improve energy efficiency on campus. Click Green Future Groundwork Timeline to see details.

This campaign is consistent with our mission.
Environmental stewardship is a powerful expression of the PDS mission in action. The Green Future campaign will establish PDS as a leader in sustainability efforts and practices among Hudson Valley schools.  

The Green Future campaign will impact our children in some very important ways.
Our pre-k through grade 12 students engage with the local natural and social environment through both their academic studies and service learning. The enhancements resulting from this campaign will bring the conversation indoors and spark new conversations and opportunities for active learning. The new climate control systems will add comfort to classrooms, and also make our use of energy more efficient. Imagine children being able to observe the building’s energy usage by watching the energy usage dashboard.

Imagine sitting in class knowing the energy powering your laptop is being generated just 100 yards away. Completing this campaign will make the ideal real for the students now, and into the future. It’s the right thing to do financially and environmentally. 

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Questions? Contact Christina Powers at or 845.462.7600, ext. 110.